I own a Herter's .401 Powermag and shoot it.
Sunday, August 11, 2019, 20:07

Dimensional it is basically a 10mm magnum (1.25") with a rim. .40 S&W reloading dies work fine for the duty. Normal 10mm or .38-40 Win. bullets are what you use. .41 Magnum starting load data works pretty well if you wade in easy and respect bullet weights. Ditto for 10mm auto load data. The pressures are lower in the longer case.

One could use a .40 or 10mm reamer, to go longer in a cylinder, but a recessed rim would be another matter. I full length size .41 Remington Mag. in a .40 S&W die but this will not size down the solid case web that is protected by the shell holder. I made a mandrel to hold cases and turn this area down one by one. Shorten from 1.28" to 1.25". The Herter's gun has recessed rims in the cylinder so lot to lot you might have to trim the rims a little. You can also use .30-30 win to make brass but it's no cake walk either. Trimming and reducing rim diameters. But once made they last a long time.

George Herter was a bit of a nutt. He rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way and was not well received by the gun industry mainstream click of the late 1950's and 60's. The gun as made by the Germans and actually pretty nice if a bit ahead of it's time. The cartridge was brilliant but chaffed the S&W project and Keith's pleading etc. Herter was not one of the "boys" and got the cold shoulder. The .400 lead loads were loaded hot and tended to lead bores from what I have heard from guys shooting it back in the day. I think it would make a fantastic re-issue caliber. It is more closely in the middle of the .357 to .43 (.429) magnum range than the .410 Magnum. A 10mm revolver could be modified to fire it. I was gifted a very rare extra .401 cylinder by a special friend, he knew what I wanted to do, have Gary make me a .38-40 re-chamber for a second cyl. in my Herter's.

Dick Williams took my gun and did an article for Shooting Illustrated a few yrs. ago. Look for ctgs. loaded with Remington Golden Sabre 10mm JHP bullets, lol. They were my old loads.

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