You'd have to figure a way to consistently limit
Monday, August 12, 2019, 09:40

the reamer depth, perhaps with a made up spacer to use a .40 or 10mm auto reamer and go deeper to 0.125". Very unlikely you can find a .401 Herters cut reamer, could have one custom made ($$). Maybe someone has a 10mm Magnum Auto reamer that would work too. Cylinder and Single Shot reamers have a stop shelf made into them where they stop cutting. Some other reamers for rimless ctgs. do not, and you have to go slow using go/no go gauges. I have done a teeny bit; none, zero compared to GNR's crew.

Little different than grabbing a common .41 Remington cylinder reamer and running in six times till it stops. A good Gunsmith can do about anything, if he has time, and you have money and patience.

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