LOL, I resemble that remark. I guess something
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 10:53

new has to be useful or interesting to me personally, to catch my fancy. I like the old .351 and really enjoyed playing with it. It's sort of a BIG .30 Carbine but .35 cal. That makes it a bit more useful, although I know many who have killed deer with the .30 Carbine. Itself a WWII adaptation of the .32 WSL, which was a semi-auto adaptation of the .32-20 Win. So we've come full circle yet again!

Straight wall cases and .35 cal. can't be all that bad. The straight walls mean it feeds from a straight magazine, no need for the AK banana mag profile. I cannot see it feeding from AR 5.56 mags with that internal rib on each side. I HATE that rib.

I'm against most things that throw my brass into the weeds, at least for my own uses. I have a passing interest in that .350 in a Ruger American. Those cheap little guns strike my fancy and I'll own one some day. Just not sure what caliber.

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