Gary Reeder
WB you have to remember you are one of only 3 in the
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 10:28

the world that remember the 1907 Dowop. And one of none that give a flying quack about old cartridges that are dead and have been for more years than you have been around. Just like the 401 Herters Powermag. DEAD and GONE! Let it die peacefully. You cannot breath life back into a mediocre cartridge.

The young people just believe the stuff the gun magazines put out. I was really disappointed in the new GUNS magazine when the new head man there just did a big article on the 350 legend. He said it was more powerful than the 30-30.The cartridge is (if I remember right) .024 longer than the 357 Maximum. About the thickness of a business card. so saying it is more powerful than a 30-30 is a bit of a stretch. I guess knowing John Taffin and how honest he is tends to make me compare other gun writers to him. So far this new editor doesn't make the grade. And I am a bit disappointed in GUNS magazine for getting on the 350 Legend bandwagon.

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