I found a reall nice shiny kit. Great scope, mts. some
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 15:10

accessories and the box. But I prefer a synthetic stocked rig that I also found, for actual use. It has a less desirable but usable scope and mounts. Otherwise it's outfitted the same.

I thought, and I have done it before, about going all ape. Buying BOTH! Then robbing the parts I want for the working gun and selling the shiny with its box, unscratched, for no less than about $100 less than I paid. Then selling or using the less fancy optics off the synthetic rig elsewhere. Then of course settling with the VISA bunch and everyone wins, a happy ending. I end up with a rugged rig with some cool kit and much better scope and mounts for the same money. I have to shuffle sometimes, as I cannot justify the expense on myself. So I do some very creative trading. LOL

I really have to put a pencil to it as there are two shipping fees, two FFL tips. Even though, it may still work out.

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