Gary Reeder
it is all about money. A nice piece of wood is
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 10:19

expensive, as is the labor to give it that shiny finish. When our shop was in Florida one of our customers was an old fellow that worked for Weatherby in the early 60s. He worked in the wood shop and said their finish was the result of a coat a day for 40 days. Very few companies are going to take that amount of time these days when they can put a nylon stock on it and it goes out the door.

As much as I really don't like the look of the black nylon stocks it does make sense. The stock is a fiber glass mixture nylon so it never needs bedding as the heat of the barrel doesn't make it swell like wood will.(although I have heard folks tell me their gunsmith told them their stock needed bedding when it is already glass bedded from the factory because that is what the stock is made of). The stock never changes shape going from 70 degrees in your house to 10 below outside. It makes sense to have a nylon stock, but that doesn't give it any class or character.

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