Are shiny longuns dead?
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 07:23

Handguns are an exception, you can protect them in large. Gary's shiny Black Chromex is the darndest longest wearing blue finish I'v ever seen too! I have several examples and have given them minimal pampering and much use. They wear well.

However a rifle is another matter. I remember the Weatherby's from my youth. I even saved my money and bought a Weatherby .22 when I was 16, my pride and joy for many years. Brownings too had that deep gloss finish that looked so good in the gun shop rack and in the open display gun cases at home. Things have changed.

I find ownership of shiny wood longuns a bit of a worry. I don't want to kick them up. No matter how careful I am it's like a new vehicle, that FIRST scratch is coming. It's almost subliminal, your fear can be pushed back but your extra care of shiny is always there. Nothing sadder than a vintage Weatherby that some guy finally threw the towel in and used to hold barbwire fences down to cross. What Neanderthals! But if you are handy with Tru-oil and steel wool you might find a bargain and transform one into a proper dull sheen prize for another generation.

I see prices dropping on some fancy shiny rifles. Perhaps the rose spectacle wearing generation is aging and no longer the major purchasers. It seems the synthetic, black, and camo rifles are beginning to command top prices for their utilitarian appearance. I guess it does let the pressure off, treat it more like a tool and worry less to enjoy the adventure more.

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