Rick Sim
The key is not to prevent malaria, but to desuade/repel
Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 19:23

the winged carriers. I did a kinda test in 2004, before our first trip over to RSA...we drank TONIC WATER for 3 weeks. Happened to be at a friend's home for a BBQ. Everybody was being eaten alive by the skeeters, my son and I were not, they would land on us, but would quickly leave. Just for those skeptics, I always get bit, even if no one else does, so does my son.

I also have a live-in medical provider, my wife. Not all drugs cure, some are preventative in nature.

In 2005, I didn't drink tonic water, skeeters feasted on my flesh.

It works for me, call it a chemical reaction...your mileage may vary.

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