Gary Reeder
years ago other pussies tried taking the recoil of the
Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 15:35

7mm XP-100 down by putting 38 caliber wadcutters end to end in the plastic forend. I think it held 8 or 10. I remember seeing pics of them glued in the forend. Whether that made enough difference to matter I have no idea.

You have a choice with the 470 Nitro and 500 Nitro on an encore. You can carry twice as much weight all day or you can handle 1 or 2 shots in the field. Personally if I am shooting at game, I never hear the shot nor do I feel the recoil. I have had several double rifles in the past, both side by side and O/U and in 450/400, 470 Nitro and 500 Jeffery. At the bench they beat hell out of me but in the field I very seldom felt the recoil. The worst I owned was a drilling in 9.3 X 74. It had to run about 5 lbs max. I used it up on the Arctic circle for caribou and even in the field it would bloody my nose every shot.

I would rout out a slot in the bottom of that encore forend, put some lead bullets in there, and epoxy over them to keep them from rattling. And also tell Doug to grow a set.

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