My knuckle is tingling at the prospect.
Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 10:07

I love the "looks" of the SBH but the grip never really fit me. I bought a gripframe for a regular stainless BH and fitted to to my gun. MUCH better for me. Gary makes a "Magnum SA" gripframe that addresses much of the issues.

On the regular BH frame I had a very early Reeder BH in .475 LB. BOY would that thing eat me up! I had Gary re-do it to a "gunfighter" configuration and it was so much better! For a .475 that is saying a lot!

I have a huge box of .430" 315 gr. truncated nose plain base bullets. I load them with a variety of slow powder quite safely to 1200-1300 fps, about all I want in the SBH. I mean it will shoot clean through a telephone pole, how much more do you need?! The gun handles them fine, better than I do. Mine is Mag-na-ported which is supposed to help. I have video of the gases shooting out the ports so it should do something but it's hard to tell by seat of the pants. It mostly blasts lead on the sides of the front sight and post. I'm not a fan of the ports on revolvers, single shots and rifles yes.


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