Silly Question, But I'm Confused
Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 08:22

I have read the multiple opinions on the internet about heavy .44 magnum loads. I have an older S&W Model 29 made in the early 1980's which S&W has recommends not shooting anything over 240 grain loads in, I'm fine with that. Can my Ruger Super Blackhawk shoot some of the heavier loads, say
300 gr, maybe a little bigger? I know a lot of it has to deal with the pressure a particular load generates, but since I don't handload I have to stick with factory loads. I have several boxes of Hornady 300 gr. XTP in .44 magnum on hand.
A 240 gr. should be fine for most anything I will ever do but since I have multiple boxes of 300 gr loads I may as well use them.

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