Gary Reeder
the Redhawk is the workhorse of the group. Super strong.
Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 09:54

the Super Blackhawk is strong also, maybe not quite as strong as the Redhawk but much stronger than the model 29. Years ago I had a good friend at S&W as a tech and he kept me updated on new guns. I was shooting the S&W model 29, a 8" nickel and 8" blue at lot at the time and a custom bullet maker in that area brought me some heavy bullets in the 275 grain and 300 grain weight. That was considered extremely heavy in 1978. Anyway I shot some of each and got patterns rather than groups. I asked my friend at S&W and he said probably the twist rate on the model 29 was not set up for bullets that heavy. I figured he knew much more than I did so I went back to my 240 grain bullets in one of the guns. The other one loved the 180 grain Sierra bullets. I gave the heavy bullets to a friend who loaded for a Marlin 444.
Since then I have never shot anything over 250 grains in either of the model 29s. Like John Taffin says the S&W is the thorobred while the Super Blackhawk and Redhawk are the work horses.

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