Why have they never reintroduced the Hawkeye?!
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 11:15

I have always thought Ruger prematurely dropped the idea. Sure it's limited a little on OAL but what about the Maximum frames to add a little. It's basically a revolver with no cylinder (gross oversimplification but you get it)

I think if they could market it for say no more than 25-50% more than a revolver cost it would fly today. With the production advancements I just bet adaptive costs for production and line changes would increase profitability too. Just think how many Huey alone would have to have in hyphenated calibers! lol

Maybe I'm all wet but I think the industry could use some excitement and there are some great cartridges that could be used. Gunsmithing and wildcatting could revitalize that cottage industry by this specific platform alone.



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