The .255 Banshee and .240 Banshee are both
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 07:19

really fun underrated rounds. It's sort of a modern .25-20 for the handgun. The .22 Hornet case is not all that strong but the Banshee design makes the best of it. As long as you don't expand primer pockets they last pretty well.

The .240 Banshee really surprised me with velocity. Maybe 10% faster than the .255 with a little lighter bullet. But I figure the 6mm Revolver will take a while to catch on.

The .256 is interesting but I bet a handful in the revolver. Sticking cases prematurely. The .250 GNR is a good idea too which maybe gets a pass on most problems.

The terminal energy on game you reported is encouraging.

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