I really don't like this design but we'll see
Monday, January 11, 2021, 10:07

if I make a mess of it or "fix" my gripes. The bedding is horrific on this old Marlin. They made possibly millions like this. One stock bolt holds this tube feed entire assy. down. You can see from it's forward position that it sort of pulls in the middle. This presses the barrel down in that barrel channel. If you try to remove wood from that channel the barrel only tries to go deeper, then the ass tilts up like a teeter-totter. My objective was to bed the rear portion and up to about the front of the rear sight. My theory was to force bed the back 1/3 and float the rest. To make matters more complex the positioning of that bolt point makes the wood want to "spread" down the barrel channel if I put too much pressure on it. We'll see.

I made quite the mess this weekend. I'm cleaning it up today to see if I got it to what I was thinking.


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