I started when I was 17. Bought a Ruger .44
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 19:10

Super Blackhawk. It cost $7.50 for (20) rounds! Making $80 a week at the Grocery store with a truck payment, insurance, gas ($0.55 a gallon) and girlfriend needing some Light entertainment it stretched me tight. (She’s my wife now) I could buy (100) JHP projectiles for $7.50. Primers were around $1.25/100. A pound of Unique was less than $10. My Lee loader was $7.50 also. I was in business! Later when I had troubles finding the more preferred cast bullets in .44 I bought some Lee equipment and began casting. I was 19 by then. It taught me the only limits were my imagination and physics.

I’m almost 58 now, so 41 yrs. loading and 39 casting.

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