Asam T
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 18:27

This will not be used for anything more than being on my side in the woods, in south Florida, will not be a primary hunting weapon, I shoot quite a bit with my two daughters who enjoy steel plate shooting, and I just really have always wanted a pocket cannon with a short barrel but throwing lead and a fireball is not really necessary when you are only using half your powder. In general I will always handload heaviest bullet offering and work my way into accuracy, then downsize as needed for recoil. But in comparison my favorite Stock ruger is a 3.75" Bisley BH convertible 45acp/45lc and I am loading H110 with 21-23.5 grains anywhere from a 330-360grain bullet. This revolver will be a brother to the stock gun, not sure I have real purpose other than I really want it.

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