Adam T
Gary said Start here for advice Want an Opinion on Caliber
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 17:35

I want to order my first Reeder Custom revolver and I am having trouble on caliber selection, Pictured below is the goal of the custom build (3.75" BBL, Banded front sight, not yet sure on grips and caliber no sling swivel). I love my 45 LC's and this revolver is the first of what I hope to be many. This project is to make a shorty bisley and I was going to go 44mag just because that was the host caliber, but I have been informed that as this is a full project I can pick any caliber. My first choice would be 45LC, 2nd 41 mag, 3rd 44 special. This is a gun I want as my woods baby. I love my 45's but have always wanted a 41, and have no single action 44 specials. Any feedback based on this project being a short barreled Bisley? Gun Fighter or Magnum frame? as well as ballistic efficiency. I also reload but have very little experience in the GNR Cartridges. Any input prior to order would be greatly appreciated.[image]

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