When the .357 Magnum arrived
Monday, February 11, 2019, 15:17

Keith found his .38 Special bullet #358429 was too long to use in the short-cylinder Smith & Wesson when crimped in the crimping groove. So he just On using his Heavy .38 load of his bullet over 13.5 grains of #2400. This load is hotter than many .357 Magnum loads today. It is also what was used to fire the long-range targets in the 8-3/4" .357 Magnum in Ed McGivern Book, "Fast and Fancy Shooting". Phil Sharpe said Elmer's load was at 42,000 psi. I covered the .38-44 and the Smith & Wesson Outdoorsman sixgun in American Handgun or September/October 2008. It was entitled "Who Needs a Magnum?"

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