I used to have some old .38-44 HD brass pieces mixed up
Monday, February 11, 2019, 15:54

in a can. I'll look for them. I thought they were "W-W 38-44 HD" marked? Sort of spoiled your stride when you were priming cases and a primer just fell out! It is just an interesting sidebar. I see no advantage over a small magnum primer. But it would be interesting to test with some powders. Where'd I put that old can of #80....

This level of shooting is about all I want for serious pleasure shooting. Much beyond that and I need to be either mad or scared!

The little single-five I ended up with in .400 cal. does great with a 180 gr. at 1300. The larger bore spreads out the psi over more "I" to get the performance at less pressure than a smaller caliber. It has 10% more area in the diameter. I'm going to drop to a 175 gr. SWC at around 1000-1100 fps and an even lighter load.

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