Gary Reeder
very few guides are gun people. They like to promote
Monday, February 11, 2019, 13:42

the magnums for their clients as they have no idea how the client can shoot. They figure a magnum in a non lethal hit will at best give a good blood trail and a sick animal. On my last hunt when we went to sight in our guns there were 2 guys that took 6 or 8 shots to get a group and still, at 50 yards, couldn't keep their groups to 8" or less.

Being a handgunner I have to show guides time and again that my guns are accurate and if I do my part with a mediocre rest 2 inches at 100 is no problem. Some may scoff at 2" at 100 but in the field shooting off a limb or off a flat rock or if I am lucky off he top of an ant hill, 2" is fine.

And in 14 Safaris plus Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and a couple of others, I have never used factory ammo. Shooting my 378 GNR for the most part my reloads are the only way to fly. I have used mostly the Nosler Partition early on and the Accubond in my last several safaris. On the last Cape Buff hunt my 450 GNR reloads did the number using Hornady's fine DGX 500 grain expanding bullet and having the DGS, the 500 grain solid on hand should I need it. I don't recall ever having a misfire or squib load in all my hunts. I feel as long as care is taken in my reloading, and checking each load as I go along plus dropping every round in my gun before the hunt to make sure they chamber, at least I am a lot less apt to have a problem round.

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