I have limited exposure to "Guides" and while they
Monday, February 11, 2019, 12:04

seem to be intelligent, Man's men, they are a bit limited in scope. Their choice of arms is a bit odd as a stereotype but usually based upon function. Bad experiences usually are based upon poor shots. It would not matter what bullet was used. Converse too.

I read a blurb talking down 5 cent reloads for hunting touting "Factory" loads at a premium cost. If I was ensured some "premium" quality I'm all in. Human eyeballs making sure there was a flash hole in the case, powder actually got in there etc. I guess since I'm getting older I have seen some stuff. I'm not too worried what others think about what I do, but I like controlling my failures as well as success. But if a .500 Nitro of .416 Rigby costs $10 a shot, what is it on a shot at a big expensive critter on the other side of the earth? No reasonable person would be too silly.

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