I just bought a .450 GNR barrel...
Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 14:42

It is a .50 AK necked to .458". Far left in that line up, necked down. IN a 14-16' handgun or carbine barrel you reach a point where it cannot burn any more powder efficiently. You hedge your bets by going with a little quicker burn, maybe a heavier bullet, but you still have limits. It's lots hotter than a .45-70 from the same platform. You can load it about as hot as a man can stand, hurt yourself. I'm using 340-405 gr. bullets for my loadings.

The .450 KNR is the .470 Nitro (big long boy in that line-up) necked to .458". Kase had the idea and it is a little better for hotting up compared to the .450 Nitro Express. It's a whole different step up from the .450 GNR, and is intended for carbine and rifles. You'd smack your forehead in a handgun!

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