Tom S
Reloading question for a 8mmx.284
Monday, June 11, 2018, 10:51

Just picked up a very nice Ruger No.1, in of all things a 8mmx284 because I like #1s and I have tons of 150gr 8mm bullets. Wasn't going to get it due to the price of special dies but there was a like new set on ebay for $19.95 from a closed down gunshop. I now have them. After checking loading manuals, publications and the internet there is essentially no 8mmx284 data. Some for .257x284, .30x284 but otherwise none. So I have to confirm it, but it seems the case capacity of the 8mmx.284 win case is about the same as that of a 8mm-06 case. I am contemplating using one of those published loads and working my way up from the bottom. Would you agree? Looking for your suggestions or approach. By any slight chance, do one of the misfits have a 8mmx.284 of their own they have worked up loads for? Thanks Tom

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