Gary Reeder
I wouldn't confuse people with the burning rate
Monday, June 11, 2018, 15:30

of various powders. Most could give a flying fart about burning rates. That would be the last thing I would look at. If they don't know what powders to start with I would look at the powders that are in the reloading manuals for the base case and go from there. He could start with beginning data for the 284 and work up slowly from there. And watch for pressure signs.

I was working on data for our new 471 GNR over the weekend. Which is the 500 S&W necked down to 475. First I looked at the case capacity of the 475 Maximum which is pretty close. The new 471 GNR case capacity was 10 grains more capacity than the 475 Maximum so I felt I could go with the medium load on the 475 Max to start. I ended up with the max load for the 475 Max as a good working load for the 471 GNR with a 375 grain hard cast lead gas check bullet. And no Black Pete, it cannot be chambered in the Single Six.
In the pic below the 475 Maximum on the left, the 471 GNR fired case and an unfired, non fire formed 471 GNR round.

And the barrel and my data will be going to Sean for a full work up and data.

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