Church security issues in Arkansas
Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 07:13

We have our church insurance with Church Mutual, a reputable company. I serve in several elected positions there so I have to be involved in matters such as this. Some of the busybodies were getting a little antsy about our policy we voted in to allow CCL holders to exercise there rights on church property. Never thought I'd be addressing matters like this in the church mush less transexual and homosexual issues. It's more of a liability exposure issue. They can entrap the church and cause serious financial hardships. The church is land dedicated for the sole purpose of worship.

Anyway a lady from Church Mutual came to advise us on gun policy and security issues in light of late hyperbole. She actually got teary over recounting her helpless "feelings" when her training class required her to get shot with NERF darts in a mock setting. They advise against self policing and really don't like, but as a last ditch advocate using retired or off duty police armed security. Not me man, I'm covering my butt and my family. I told everyone they can follow my lead if they want but MY family is moving and defensive at the same time, getting out of a crisis. We are self planning and acting, no matter what everyone else is doing.

We will have more internal meetings and so far the discussion is that we will train the congregation to hit the floor and move, not bunched up (that makes you a target rich group), but headed out. If you are not an active participant in a gunfight you need to keep your head down. I hope we can openly discuss this and ingrain it into all as a formal plan of action. No one actually knows who is armed any particular day with what. So if the balloon goes up, I'm standing and moving, engaging at the same time. I HOPE everyone else can stay down and move. I told the folks I'm getting to my kids no matter who is in my way, but I'm training them (at home) on what to do too.

Some of the congregation (mostly those "Decon'esses" - what my Pastor calls them lol) want some type of "Police" advisement. There just isn't any to be had, they train totally different. Not to hurt anyone's feelings but I can count the cops I hold in high esteem on my fingers. I had family in Law enforcement too. Times are different these days.

What do you guys think?

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