John W
I hate to say it but the insurance lady
Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 09:22

is following what you can call company policy. I get the impression that they are more concerned about paying out a large sum of cash vs. having parish members being adequately defended.

I am reminded of the incident in the 1970's when an airline was hijacked and re-routed to Entebbe Airport in Kampala Uganda. The Israeli Special Forces went in and the hostages all hit the floor. Anyone standing was a terrorist and was gunned down.

I know it is horrible to say that especially in a house of worship but we live in interesting times. Ironically, when Massachusetts was the Masssachusetts Bay Colony the men of the congregation were required to be armed when going to service. In some ways, times have not changed.

Bear in mind I am not a security expert but I believe that as you stated in the recent past members of your church in good standing for three years are allowed to CCW in the building. Like many church services they are at set times. It may behoove you to get parish members to have a meeting where you organize your services. Say you sit in one corner of the church, a likeminded and armed member in another and so fort. That way all of the church area is protected.

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