If that was actually GNR
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 14:59

That troll got you wound up. It’s all good, was not insinuating that at all. I figure you never heard of it! It’s based on the .405 type case and a .375. Low pressure. It’s cool that they had a like idea 130 years ago but no means to exploit the potential. So it became obsolete.

Your independent idea and unique application shows how far we’ve come. The .378 GNR is my go to handgun hunting round combining as much power I can manage (with some practice) and retains a very respectable trajectory not far off the small bores. My objective was to re-direct some of the conversation back toward more interesting unusual firearm topics. Not Dicks (hate that name too)

Sorry you misunderstood my direction. Tough times.

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