Went down a rabbit hole looking at the 1895 Winchester
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 13:46

and found the .38-72 Winchester round. It was also chambered in the very interesting 1885 Winchester single shot (I've always wanted one too) as well as the 1895. It was basically based on the nominal case Winchester evolved into the .405, gently necked to .375 cal. Exclusively a BP round it fired a 275 gr. bullet at just under 1500 fps. About like a souped up .41 Magnum revolver. Boy have we come a long way AND isn't it validating for handgun hunting as many big critters were taken with like rounds from rifles. They were considered extremely big and powerful hunting rifle rounds for the day.

Except for the more radical shoulder shape and difference in pressures it is so close to Gary's .378 GNR. I'm certain a total accident. It's fun to look back.


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