I’m not an attorney, but pay some…
Monday, August 01, 2022, 17:12

They are in the courier business, period. They are privately owned and have freedom to choose who they do business with (unless it’s baking queers a cake). They have a right to open any box during the shipping process. But all they can legally do is return it to the rightful owner or turn it over to legal authorities if it’s illegal contraband. But the parts in question are just hunks of polymer. They can’t willfully destroy a persons personal property period. Every $500 amount is a felony count.

It will be very interesting and historically important to see how this actually plays out. It’s not over by a long shot. Individuals can still UPS any firearm (other than full autos) through UPS using their methods and approved boxes. Not that any gun guy would want to! But they claim they still ship firearms to dealers and gunsmiths, manufacturers.

If you decided you didn’t want to work on some customers gun or brand of gun and started cutting them up with a torch they’d throw you under the jail. I see it the same way with UPS deciding to destroy packages they accepted payment to ship and decided to destroy. Boy it really steams me! Go woke, go broke, a battle cry. I hope UPS goes totally bankrupt.

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