I bought my daughter a 2001 Grand Cherokee
Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 08:54

it was the same age as her and super clean. A little old lady bought it new, one owner. 4x4 so it would hopefully be useful in inclement weather. It's tricky on ice!

They are not very good automobiles. BUT they are popular and literally EVERYTHING that can go wrong with them is well documented and at least someone's attempted remedy is only a few clicks away on a forum or youtube.

Electrics are dodgey. The wires crack and break at the point of the rubber boot transitions at the front door hinges. Right now we have issues with door locks and power windows from there. Also keeping the turn signal relay working and taillights operational in general is a pain. May the force be with you. The "bulbs" are held in carriers that also have the contacts for the friction connections located in the tail light lens. These lens are on circuit boards that are prone to fail.

Just a head's up. Also do not waste your time on a Chilton's manual as it does NOT cover 2000 models. The schematics and type connectors are only shown for 1998 and older models. Get a Haynes book.

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