I've know JimT has shot...
Friday, September 10, 2021, 07:09

45 Colt through a 44 barrel, but don't recall him shooting anything that's that wildly different in diameter. It's amazing what you can get away with SOMETIMES. I know a man who built a 38 Spl bolt action - using an old Thompson Center Cherokee 32 caliber barrel. He just cut off the breech end, hand made a reamer and ran it into the breech end. The rest of the rifle was fabbed together out of miscellaneous bits and pieces and resembled an old Remington 22 LR bolt gun, down to using the bolt handle as a lug. I'd dearly love to see what the slugs look like after squeezing their way down THAT narrow tube.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted out. Weird how they managed to let it out the door in the first place.

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