41mag bisley hunter w/ 44mag cylinder
Thursday, September 09, 2021, 19:40

I think it was the first ever run of the 41 magnum bisley hunters, but it very well could have been the next time they came around. I looked for months for one and thought I was too late, then I scored one from a nice dealer from Oklahoma if I remember correctly. When it arrived I had to wait a week or so before shooting it due to a huge work load. I did handle it nearly every night, ordered a new scope, dies, proper bullets and a few boxes of loaded ammo. One morning I was looking it over drinking coffee and there it was on the cylinder “44 magnum “ and on the frame was marked “41 magnum “. CRAP.

I diD not have a loaded 41 magnum round but did have a box of 44 magnums and they fit right in that cylinder. I looked in the box and found the fired brass that came from the factory and it was marked 44 magnum. A buddy came over later and measured the barrel and it was a 41 cal.

I called Ruger and they promptly sent me a shipping label to return it and later called and told me it was destroyed and they would send me a new 44 magnum as they had no more 41s as it was a limited run. No thank you. Says I. Don’t want a 44. I want a 41 bisley, hunter. It took about 4 months and me calling every couple of weeks but one day the local Pawn shop called me up and said that he had a gun for me to pick up. Funny thing is I never told them Where to send it. This place refused to do transfers but said he would in this case for $50! I called the lady up at Ruger and told her that this is not my Transfer person and I normally paid $15! I guess they paid it because he handed me the paperwork to fill out, made his call, and gave me my Ruger. Crazy

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