I keep wondering if there is an angle you can use
Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 07:49

Perhaps get the word out you will buy unwanted ammunition or firearms. There has to be lots of little old widow ladies in AZ that have some guns and ammo from there late husbands in the closet. Reloading equipment too! There are tons of old equipment put up where guys stopped reloading and have old components put back in the garage.

I wonder if there will be a backlash where folks will begin to sell guns cheap since they can't get ammo for them? .22, 9mm, .380 etc. Gun nuts are hoarders by nature and would still buy when the ammo is dry, looking to the future with hope. I do know one shop that is not selling ammo unless it is with a gun you buy from them, then only one box!

Is there an untapped market you can exploit? I see some BP substitutes still available, not sure about caps. It's cheap fun and slower going if you have the stuff. 20 shots with a muzzle loader is a good afternoon.

I'm glad you have diversity that others do not. The custom business can be geared toward more refinement and cosmetic items. Projects that do not require manufacturer parts, stuff you make or just labor, should be a boon. Bluing, polishing, tapping holes, engraving, all money makers. Our prayers are with you always during this bumpy ride. Not too much we can do about it so might as well see it as an adventure to overcome.

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