gary reeder
I do all my radio ads for the gun shop and
Monday, February 22, 2021, 21:18

went in the local radio station to record 4 or 5 new ones today. I went in the production room, sat down in front of the control board and my mind went blank. Normally I just ad lib a few spots blasting Pelosi, Schumer and their ilk and talk about the guns, ammo and accessories in stock. Today, nothing came. Almost 25 years in radio and my mind went totally blank for the first time I can remember. I couldn't tell the listeners that we have a lot of guns and plenty of ammo and so on. Because we don't. Folks tell us we have more ammo and guns than any of the other shops in town but whether that is true or not I have no idea. Still how do you do several 60 second spots to promote the gun shop when I have nothing to brag about.

Gun shops all across the country are really having a bad time of it. Several I have talked to say they have nothing over $20 to sell and no hope of anything in the near future. Several salesmen at the distributors have been fired for selling all their allocated guns and ammo to one big shop and getting some cash under the table when they are supposed to spread the guns and ammo around to all their clients. Those guys on the internet with cases and cases of ammo are the ones I am talking about. And most are selling the stuff at considerably over retail, sometimes 500% over retail. Unlike most other businesses the gun business is eat up with this type scum bag. When you see those ads you know those guys took that ammo or guns from a gun shop that needed them to survive.

One of the dealer magazines said if this doesn't ease up by the end of the year a goodly percentage of the gun shops will just be a faint memory.

I think knowing how hard gun shops are trying to survive just makes those belligerent idiots that cause trouble wanting to buy all the ammo a shop has in stock look like real assholes. They don't seem to realize that if we don't make it thru the next few months we are history.

Thank the Lord we have our custom guns and all 6 of my guys are still here so good Lord willing we will make it thru this mess but I fear many gun shops that don't have a range or any special thing to set it apart from the other shops will be gone.

On my ads I just focused them on our custom work and on fixing the customer's gun and getting their guns ready for varmint season and fall hunting season and tried to stay far away from the negative stuff. As I usually do I mentioned that we buy good used guns and ammo too. Maybe that will get a gun or two in the door.

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