Sell those and buy (3) boxes of .38-55 Super-X
Friday, July 31, 2020, 19:00

They are collectable! I forget, you can shoot a .38-55 in a .375 Win.? The .375 is higher pressure, so you'd not want to do it the other way round. I make .375 cases from .30-30 and prefer to shoot .375 bullets but my best sizer is a .377, it does fine. Some .38-55 rifles needed a .379" bullet and I see sizers for them. Loaded to 1500 fps they mimic a .38-55 perfectly. I made a dandy 215 gr. FNGC mould from a 265 LEE. The LEE bullet is well suited to the old round. You can get them close to 2000 fps from the Big Bore 94.

There used to be this fellow on GB who would rebore a Marlin or Win. 94 to .38-55. He charged less than $200. Some said he did good work, it was several years ago.

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