8mmx284 load findings

Tom S
Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 11:21 (346 days ago)

Thanks to all who commented on the question I posted below about my pursuit of load info for the 8mmx284. I was able to do a little more investigation this morning and I am confident a safe load can be found.

The .284 was originally designed to mimic the performance of the 270 win in a short action(Win 88 & 100). Thus it makes sense the case volume is the same for this and 30-06 cases. This is confirmed with Nosler data. I then went in search of 30x284 load information to use for a baseline comparison and found some great supporting information.

In an old Handloader I found 30x284 data which mimicked very closely 30-06 data. I then went to the Hogdon #26 manual and the 30-06 and 30x84 data are exactly the same. They are listed as one(on the same page) in the manual saying the 30x284 is a duplicate of the 30-06. I then checked data for 284 win vs 280 rem and the load data is the same in 90% of the cases with other powders varying by .5 to 1 grain plus or minus. This is less than you see just as a result of switching components loading the same cartridge. At this point it would seem that the data for the 8mm-06 would be a good starting point for the 8mmx284. Of course starting low.

I have also sent an inquiry to Hornady to see if they have any data or guidance as I am using their 150 grain bullet.

It looks promising! I will continue research but it looks like I will be able to prove out some loads which certainly match or slightly exceed the 8x57 without much problem. Not looking for a hotrod but just a accurate reasonable cartridge for whitetails. Once I complete the research and trials I will provide an update in the event someone else stumbles on this unique cartridge in some rifle. Thanks again for the help and have a great day!

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