Went down a rabbit hole looking at the 1895 Winchester

Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 13:46 (17 days ago)

and found the .38-72 Winchester round. It was also chambered in the very interesting 1885 Winchester single shot (I've always wanted one too) as well as the 1895. It was basically based on the nominal case Winchester evolved into the .405, gently necked to .375 cal. Exclusively a BP round it fired a 275 gr. bullet at just under 1500 fps. About like a souped up .41 Magnum revolver. Boy have we come a long way AND isn't it validating for handgun hunting as many big critters were taken with like rounds from rifles. They were considered extremely big and powerful hunting rifle rounds for the day.

Except for the more radical shoulder shape and difference in pressures it is so close to Gary's .378 GNR. I'm certain a total accident. It's fun to look back.


Not really sure how you can compare that

Gary Reeder
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 14:08 (17 days ago) @ WB

obsolete black powder cartridge with my 378 GNR and then insinuate that I copied it. I have never seen that 100 year old cartridge and I am sure you haven't either. I really don't need this kind of crap from you.

If that was actually GNR

Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 14:59 (17 days ago) @ Gary Reeder

That troll got you wound up. It’s all good, was not insinuating that at all. I figure you never heard of it! It’s based on the .405 type case and a .375. Low pressure. It’s cool that they had a like idea 130 years ago but no means to exploit the potential. So it became obsolete.

Your independent idea and unique application shows how far we’ve come. The .378 GNR is my go to handgun hunting round combining as much power I can manage (with some practice) and retains a very respectable trajectory not far off the small bores. My objective was to re-direct some of the conversation back toward more interesting unusual firearm topics. Not Dicks (hate that name too)

Sorry you misunderstood my direction. Tough times.

No problem. Understandably those 68 cartridges

Gary Reeder
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 15:08 (17 days ago) @ WB

I developed are my babies and when someone slanders them I take out a castration contract on them. I may be able to stop it in time. If not you can always sing soprano in the church choir.

That all are pretty durn good, favorites are

Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 16:09 (17 days ago) @ Gary Reeder

.378, 7mm, and .429 GNR. I have many, many more but these are likely my favorites. The revolver ctg. choice is most difficult as I’ve had so much fun fiddling with them all. I’d not want to give any of them up, each has unique traits in either shooting or loading, both big and small. They’ve helped me mentally remain fairly stable and kept me out of trouble many years. I’m very grateful for that. Besides that, all the friends that evolved from it. Very grateful indeed.

Fairly stable?

Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 16:47 (17 days ago) @ WB

- No text -

He means physically

steve todd
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 19:21 (16 days ago) @ IC

Mentally he’s as bad as the rest of us, and there is no hope.

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