FYI - I did get one of those SIG 320 X-Carry

Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 13:36 (7 days ago)

It's all desert tan and the fancy X-frame module, no thumb safety like the M18, and a flat trigger too. I like it much better than the SIG M17 or M18.

It feels really good, much better ergonomics than a Glock, to me, and the trigger feel is much better. But you pull the trigger, and it will go off! Just like they are supposed to. I worry about some of these folks. Also sticking it in a holster or down your pants with a wadded up shirt in the trigger area, not a good thing. It requires some responsibility. The sights are good and glow in the dark. But there is something about them (the rear) that slows me down a little, not sure what it is, yet. The first impression I get was boy this feels fat. It's basically the same size as a G19 but the lighter color may just make it look different. Roman has worried me with his interest in it. I may have to sell it to him. I still like the more real gun feel afforded by the Beretta 92X. I just like the open slide design, and if you're messing with just a 9mm it fills the bill. My experience with them from the M1951 to the late M9A1 has been favorable. I'm not real excited about 9mm anyway, but for a 9 they will do. I may tinker and mod mine before I get too crazy.

In comparison the SIG 320 "Carry" is closer to a G17 bottom with a G19 top. It holds 17 rounds in the flush mags. The 320 "X-Compact" is more direct compared to a G19, but has a slightly shorter barrel.


I know they are great guns but I just can’t warm up

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 04:28 (7 days ago) @ WB

To them not to glocks. Not sure why. I like m&p platforms though. Best of luck with it.

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