Don't judge. It's for testing the concept.

Monday, February 22, 2021, 19:34 (6 days ago)

I've gone goofy before but I like this one. I can test scope placing and height, feel the balance and see how she handles. It's worth the test. The craftsmanship and simplicity. It's sort of an older FA2008 if you will (late 1970's ?), and indeed the latter shares some design cues.

I'm not really excited with the cartridge, 7mm R International on the .30-30 case. It can shoot a 120 gr. bullet and 140 gr. right at 2000 fps. Not bad but more is so close. A rechamber to 7mm GNR would put me where I want to be. I had a 10.5" .280 GNR once but it stampeded the livestock when I touched it off. They thought the flash was lightning, I figure. It was not efficient in that short tube. The 7mm GNR also will shoot the domestic 7x30 Waters perfectly. I can run up the bullet weight with whatever powder I choose to increase efficiency if I want.

It's muzzle flippy but I think the weight of a scope will tame that a bunch. 4-port Mag-na-ports would look cool on the octagon barrel. I was looking at Leupold QR scope base/rings but being a rifle mount it locks me into a fixed scope position. This proves I need a picatinny rail so I have lots of versatility for spacing rings on shorter handgun scopes. I can still do QR rings.

As soon as I can get a base this is heading to Uncle Gary for some mischief.


You forgot the JB Weld and the bailing wire

Monday, February 22, 2021, 19:50 (6 days ago) @ WB

Did anyone notice the Cheapskate didn't even get out the expensive duct tape... shameful for a respectable hillbilly (on ice).

I wanted something easy to take right off.

Monday, February 22, 2021, 19:57 (6 days ago) @ Curt

That was handy. I can't seem to find a steel Marlin base rail. Maybe there is another flat bottom model. I'd prefer a steel rail if I'm going to go Picatinny. DDT is nice for strength but locks you into one position, I need versatility. Sometimes you have to make adjustments.

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