Sunday, February 21, 2021, 11:59 (4 days ago)

Went to a local gun show yesterday morning here in SE Idaho. Stopped at one gentleman's table who had several boxes of bullets in 6 and 7 mm which interested me. He proceeded to tell me a story about how he had been swamped just after the show had opened at 9AM and managed to sell all of the 8000 + rifles primers he had available. I asked how much he had been asking for the 1000 count boxes and he replied $40 as that is what he had paid to buy them. The irony of this is the "gentleman" who acquired them, had them for sale at his table across the room at $125 per thousand.

Happen here two weeks ago at the gun show.

Sunday, February 21, 2021, 12:30 (4 days ago) @ jthomson

I gave my friend several pounds of rifle powder I never planned to use and he sold it on his table for $30 per pound. Early in the morning one guy bought it all and took it over to his table and priced it at $45.

That’s been happening for years

Sunday, February 21, 2021, 12:43 (4 days ago) @ JT

Every three years I get a table at a show and sell stuff that my buddies and I have accumulated that is extra. We price it to move and lots of the items go to club members before the show opens and then ends up on other tables. Just life.

the shows around here have primers anywhere from $350 to

gary reeder
Sunday, February 21, 2021, 15:18 (3 days ago) @ jthomson

$500 per brick.

Highest price I have seen, 15,000 Federal 215M primers sold

Tom S
Sunday, February 21, 2021, 15:53 (3 days ago) @ jthomson

GB for $7,500.00. Insane


Monday, February 22, 2021, 15:04 (2 days ago) @ jthomson

Can't stand people like that, about as sorry as they get.

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