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any prices but his prices are always good. But those of you that want a real big Elk bull, this is your chance. Last year Alcorn took a monster bull elk and it ran about one fifth of what it would have been out here. Out here in elk country you have to get drawn and it is pretty much necessary to have an outfitter to have any chance of getting a big bull. For a big bull in the 5X5 range you would normally pay a minimum of $15,000. A really big bull, a 6X6 or 7X7 will often run you $25,000 and if you hunt on the Apache reservation quite often you will pay twice that. A fellow that comes into the store shot a big bull on the Apache Rez that was I think a 10X11 and again if I remember right he paid a bit over $85,000. But Alan's prices will be considerably less. I will have them sometime this coming week.

Alan also has a bunch of really big Bison bulls and again these will normally be about half of what you would normally pay anywhere else. And out here where if you hunt elk and don't even see one you still pay the $12,000 or more. At the lodge in Tennessee you only pay for what you kill. So if you want a big bull elk or big bull Bison, this is your chance.

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