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Poppa hasn’t killed a deer with a firearm in the last 6 or 8 years. He used a cab muzzle loader for that. Since then he has shot a couple with his compound bow. His eyes have given him trouble, and sights are harder to see, so he has been content in just helping out and not actually pulling the trigger.

A couple of days ago I had a few handguns out at his place doing a little shooting. 2 had scopes mounted. A blue bisley .45 with a 2x leaupold and a Stanley’s 357 Blackhawk with a 4x leupod. He really liked the 2x scope. And decided he could hunt with it. A target at 25 yards proved he could. He will at a rest to his favorite ground blind and hunt close like in an archery hunt! The same way I do with my open sighted bisley .41 magnum or .44 special.
I may have to see if that blind has enough room for me behind him!
This is going to be good!

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