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My daughter is 18 and has been shooting my 7GNR with me a long time. She's never had and issue with the recoil. I've taken a deer a bit past 200 yards. That's not the norm for me but I needed to try a long shot. 100-150yard is easy shooting all day long. I have a 10 and a 12 inch 7GNR and a 257 Raptor. I really only ever shoot the 12 inch 7GNR. I shot 139gr Soft Points and just below the top dose of H4895.

IMHO, the 7GNR is a no brainer. It'll do the large majority of what you need to do and, personally, I don't' think you can do better for a do it all cartridge on the 30-30 case. I think you'd be just as happy with the 30GNR.

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