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The .25 is good and has some added velocity for flatter shooting if you have a need for it. The 110 gr. Nosler Accu-bonds are great. Of course the 7mm is right there with it too, I just never tried bullets less than 120 gr. Its hard to find a bad 7mm bullet of any kind. I'd suggest the brake on the 7 as it has virtually No recoil. The .25 just jumps a little bit with no brake. Both my barrels are for the lighter G2 or Contender platform.

I'm a 7mm guy. It does shoot 7x30 Waters fine too making brass. I have fired some .25-35 Win. in the Falcon and it splits my brass. I have to neck down .30-30 to get it to fireform best to .256 Falcon. They are very close in possibilities with the .25 starting lighter and faster with the 7mm picking up the middle and going heavier, with both bullets and game. They really are pistol versions of the .257 Roberts and 7x57 when medium rate powers are used to full potential.

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