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Works right anymore. On Friday, September 3 a package was shipped to me from Colorado USPS second day air. The tracking said it would arrive. It didn't. I retracked it and it said "delayed, in transit" it arrived on Friday the 10th wrapped in plastic and beat up. The percussion sixgun in the box had several dings. Today a FedEx package was scheduled to arrive from Michigan between 10 AM and 2 PM. It didn't. I retracked. "Delayed will arrive by Friday at the end of the day." This package was originally shipped on Tuesday, September 7 one week ago. I took the great grandkids to McDonald's Sunday afternoon. The service was slow and the food was old and cold with chicken nuggets like miniature hockey pucks. McDonald's has always been known for fast service and hot food. The only thing that seems to be working right anymore is Amazon. Their service is fast and stuff arrives when they say it will. It seems like the well oiled machinery of commerce has had the oil replaced by Loc-Tite. Everything from McDonald's to the Federal Government operates like the Democratic-controlled cities all over the country. My world is gone!

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