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This just may be the most all-around accurate shooting sixgun I have ever experienced in the past 65 years. It is not a modern gun; it is not American-made. It is an Italian PIETTA Percussion Sixgun .44 1858 Remington 12". I bought it brand-new a couple weeks ago. Then I proceeded to degrease it, remove all the oil, put proper grease where it belonged, cleaned out the barrel and put in a light coating of Ballistol wiped down with a clean patch, and before I ever shot it swapped out the factory nipples for stainless steel Slix Shots. I used a .454"round ball, Speer CCI #11 percussion caps, a lubed wad between the powder and ball, and my homemade lube over the end of the ball filling out the cylinder. This lube is 50% beeswax and 50% vegetable oil. Here are the results from this morning:



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