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With all the chaos in the world, a little diversion. We all like trucks right?! Plus the used truck market is even crazier than the gun market right now. We use them to go hunting, on adventures, and carry our thunder sticks. A real pisser of a day, mostly empathy for others, and the rude awakening of understanding the laws of the land (at least for those who obey them), a general feeling of helplessness. But everyone has problems right, don't take much looking to find someone with worse troubles than you.

I prayed about a truck I needed. Now, I'm an unapologetic FORD man from my early days. Been driving automobiles by myself since I was 8 yr. old (1963 VW Bug). I've owned many inc. Chevy, Dodge, even lusted for a Scout once. This is such a crazy year. I prayed for the Lord to deliver what HE wanted me to buy. I was going to buy one anyway, might as well be God's will right?! Prayer is very underrated you know.

A Chevy Lord?! That is you Lord, right? Not a hole in the hedge is it? Lord, a Chevy!

The door was opened and I had a chance to help a little widow woman get shed of some of her autos. An 82 yr. old don't really need four anyway. Bro. Harris bought this new in 2006 after retiring from farming. Just in case he needed to tote something. He passed in 2010 from Parkinson's. RIP. Aunt Dorthy kept it up and every receipt from day one. We agreed upon whatever KBB said for Private party pricing. It's not the real fancy one, a LT, not LS, but has a V8 and will certainly do. When discussion began the odometer read just under 42,000 original one-owner miles. I made myself downright silly looking before I got humble and Prayed about it. You might give it a try yourself. I know I could do much worse winging it on my own. I was going to buy one, I simply asked for the direction. Thank you Jesus. I'm more thankful than bragging, hoped to share my happiness with my friends.


BTW it has a ample and handy little pocket overhead just right for a concealed handgun. I think it's pretty, even for a Chevy, straight as a string. I can understand how those getting their hard earned rides damaged might want to shoot thugs in the face.

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