I was curious about real handgun performance specs
Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 08:59

with the .366 GNR from a 13+2" barrel. I remember Gary saying the 9.3X74R was really hot from a Hunting handgun. The "rifle" specs on the old Rimmed Ctg. is a 286 gr. at around 2350 fps. I have shot a 8 lb. rifle and it is pretty salty, on par with a .300 mag. or so. Pressures are listed just under 50k psi too. But the case head area is pretty small compared to some. Should be lower bolt thrust forces.

What FPS do the working loads generate in the TC Handgun? I figure recoil is on par with my .378 GNR handgun and 260 gr. at 2300 fps?

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