LOL, that is great! Gary told me to buy a "squeaker" for AK
Monday, August 12, 2019, 12:51

to call in Black Bears. So I got one. Little rubber billows you push on to "squeak, squeak, squeak". Even I can manage that. Put it on a lanyard around my neck. Every once in a while moving or walking around I'd squeak.

Then the two young Grizzly's moved in on us! Bold, brazen, hungry, and agitated we had not been scared off. They wanted to enjoy their horse feed and french fry grease (Black Bear bait) in uninterrupted peace. I am certain a little squeaky frisky morsel would have really hit the spot. Man I plugged and taped that thing tight where it could emit NO sound. I have no doubts Gary could not get a good bear right atop someone with that squeaker. I was no longer interested in that sort of play.

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